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20 August 2011

Hi All           
We survived the snow, indeed most of us played in it, proving we are all big kids at heart. Long may that be so. It is of course a matter of degree. David reports from Ch Ch that he had no inclination to do things with snow.  This was after it had damaged his guttering and he is dealing with insurance companies again!  So understandably that snow was just tooooo much.
Sat was about 8.5degrees and cold on high places like the Gear Room roof which was exposed to the lazy cool southerly.  Out of the wind the sunshine was a delight. 12 of us I think.
Crane - I arrived late at 10-15am and found Neil welding away up in the crane. This proved difficult as the surrounding steel was thin. We tried to help Neil by feeding him inside the column but his legs would not quite fold up despite some encouragement from Jack, Richard & I. Probably just as well as I would have hated to gas axe out sections of the columns if he had got cramp inside the very small space. The idea was to weld the inside of the column. Neilcertainly had a good go at it. Eventually, with attitude "I am going to make this steel work for me", Neil did prevail. Photos show inside and outside. I think with proper paint coatings we have got this weather proof.  Kevin mixed an economic brew of first epoxy coat and coated all the new work on the crane columns.
Gear Room Roof - Richard was cold and eventually worked it out that he could cut pieces of steel in some warmth down in the Hold. After interuptions he very neatly completed one of the four remaining column Ardex supports.  I hope to contact an Ardex torching man this week.
Rudder Boxes got a real push along from Kevin with some input from me. The Stbd Gland holder was descaled and cleaned up then Kevin applied some of Richard's black goo to seal the steel edge around the Rudder Stock opening and then used the precise remaining amount of the epoxy brew to paint the stbd holder and both concrete covings that the Chippie Bros had installed a couple of weeks ago. Photos refer including a self portrait by Kevin with the painted holder in the background. The Stbd Rudder Box is now ready for attention by Neil & Jack to develop that scribing device and fit the box top and support plates. Another major step on this survey item.
Stbd Boiler is assembled with the valve fitted at the aft end, blow down valve assembled and fitted and is now ready for filling with water next Sat. John A & Ross did all this.
Bilge Pump Decking - John A had a quite look at this and sees advantage in adding a couple of more angle supports.  Chris got his second coat on the new deckplates. 
Hot Pipes were greatly advanced by our Hot Pipe Insulation Expert Diana. Both Boiler & Engine Rooms are almost done.  This has been an excellent effort by Diana. She was looking a bit thoughtful so we cheered her up by saying there is more cladding to do on uncladded piping in the Cathedral space and the forward Hold. She raised a brave smile. Good girl that!
Firewood and flags were by Peter who also helped Jack by stacking up wood that Jack had cut in the Port Midships Void Space or Wood StoreJack dug into the depths of the Wood Store and found several large pieces of corroded plate and angle.  These look like items that been removed from the ship and crane and replaced many years ago. We can see no practical reason for retention so these will add them to our next sale of scrap steel. Jack has reorganised a lot of the Wood Store and it is looking "proper".
Wheelhouse - Jim extracted the lead drain water catcher from under one of the windows, welded up the pipe to the box and reinstalled it with the tube running out of the wheelhouse bulkhead. Photos show Jim holding the drain box and the welded repair.
Teas & Lunch were by Joy
Stbd After Deck grating framing got a nice coat of green undercoat by John F.  This now looks really smart.  Top coat will be black.  Then we could put the gratings back until we need to access the deck again for the quadrant and the graving plate.
Fiddley Wire Rope Rails - the lower rail needs replacing and the top rail, while still OK, is coming up for replacement.  John F is looking at ways of getting these back up to standard
White Deck Structures painting was much advanced by Chris who "whited" hatches, vents with great affect on the cosmetics of the ship. A bit more of the white paint and some black on the black deck equipment and we will be good, or at least much better. Photo refers.
Foredeck photo - as she was leaving the ship Diana remarked on how beautiful Wellington was with the snow on the Tararuas - and it was. So we grabbed John F & Peter who were passing by and marched Diana over to the middle of the foredeck to see if we could get a picture of the mountains. They were a bit far away. I tried again from the wharf as I was leaving about 5-00pm - OK but no ship in the photo.
Lab was manned by Jack & Jaz and the Lab Dog
Gangway was collected by Seaview Engineering on Monday. The promise is to repair & return by Saturday.
Next Sat - there a good possibility that Joerg will be with us a for few hours. We have in mind to ask him to redo the glands in the steering gear steam engine in the wheelhouse.  John A thinks that will keep Joerg busy for a wee while. The engine was puffing steam last time we tried in earnest so this is most timely as we inch closer to our sea trials.
World Rugby Cup - The Museum is planning additional tours for the period 3/9 to 5/11.  We will see extra people on the wharf and our Guided Tour Guiding Division could get quite busy.  I am hoping to attend a presemtation on Thursday about what the Waterfront is doing about World Cup - more info later.
Below Decks
  1. Fill Stbd Boiler
  2. Make scribing device for rudder post support plates
  3. Get top coat on stbd rudder box gland holder and covings
  4. Clean up and first coat port holder
  5. Fit bilge pump deck supports 
  6. Clean & paint bilge pump area 
  7. Silvering of hot pipes
  8. Painting of steelwork in engine & boiler rooms 
  9. Wheel house varnishing
Above Decks - weather permitting of course
  1. Complete welding of last crane thin spot
  2. Top coat new crane welds
  3. Complete 3 remaining Ardex supports
  4. Advance aft deck gratings and black the frames
  5. White deck structure painting
  6. Steering rods & other black painting - the wash room step?
See y'all Sat