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Good Intentions

Good Intention List August 2011, as at 1 Aug 11  
A  Complete Steering Gear Reinstatement SURVEY ITEM
1  Fit new rudder box tops Jack's Team
2  Repair quadrant Onshore Engineers
3  Refit quadrant All
4  Paint steering chains & get chain wheels working Jack's Team
5  Test for smooth operation when steam up Jack
B  Annual Boiler Survey SURVEY ITEM
1  Reassemble boilers John A's Team
2  Hot Survey boilers Surveyor
3  Do settings & test John A's Team
C  Gear Room  
1  Complete painting at present scaffold level     Kevin
2  Descale inside crane from roof Richard's Team
3  Place supports for Ardex Richard's Team
4  Seal in & around columns with Ardex Ardex Placer
5  Refurbish aft angled cladding over lift cables Stu's Team
6  Raise scaffolding - last week August? Workzone
7  Fit new stanchions & rails on to sides of roof Stu's Team
8  Fit reconditioned brake guides Stu's Team
9  Fit new Brake Cover Stu's Team
10  Complete Stbd big wheel derusting & painting Richard, Kevin
11  Repaint all cladding Volunteers
12  Paint roof Volunteers
13  Fit new switch board, wiring & lights to crane      Mike
14  Reinstate electricity to Gear Room Mike
15  Finesse Gear Room interior Jim's Team 
16  Reinstate side weight trolleys All         
 D Cathedral   
1  Remove scrap wires - after boiler survey 27/8? John F's Team
2  Stack remaining wires on new racks John F's Team
3  Refit any loose decking - for safety John F's Team
4  Paint deck heads - RIPO, Green, top coat John F's Team
5  Tidy up all remaining items John F's Team
6  Vacuum out any material from bilges John F's Team
1  Fit additional chocks to support hull Chippie Bros
2  Investigate Wheelhouse leak Chippie Bros
3  Make tender cover Jaz/Louise
4  Complete fitting new decking for bilge pump Kerry
5  Clean and paint bilge pump area and decking Kevin/Chris
6  Repair & improve electrics Bill/Mike
7  Gas axe out opening in port for'd davit Neil
8  Make new cover plates for davit holder openings Neil
9  Repair crane ladder - on deck Neil
10  Make good stbd aft deck, framing & gratings Jack's Team
11  Plan Gangway refurbishment Malcolm
12  Plan timber deck refurbishment Bruce/Malcolm
13  Reinstate fuel heater lines Hardistys
14  Test waste oil John A
15  Fit new silver insulation wrap over hot pipes Diana's Team
16  Set up emergency cement buckets Malcolm
17  Set up bilge leak alerts Malcolm
18  Paint two pot Crabapple on deck touch ups Volunteer
19  Descale & paint capstans Volunteer
20  Descale & paint stbd davits Volunteer
21  Continue coatings black deck gear Chris/Brent
22  Clean up and paint for'd winch Brent
23  Repaint white deck houses Brent & All
24  Paint short pipe in stbd capstan steam line Chris
Outlook 2011  
1  Annual Boiler Survey - Survey Item August
2  Finish Cathedral Void Space Sept
3  Finish Steering Gear Reinstatement - Survey Item Aug - Sept
4  Finish Gear Room Aug - Sept
5  Get ready for sea trials Sept - Nov