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15 August 2011

Hi Hikitias
Amazing weather!!!  I have never seen this extent of snow in Wellington.
I had forgotten to do  job for John A and was in Wellington this AM and took the Hikitia in Snow photos. Separately I will send around an 8meg AVI video that I can possibly reduce a bit. Totally amazing.  People were on wharf taking photos and laughing.  A significant event. Perhaps the first snow on Hikitia since she left Glasgow.
About 14 of us on Saturday - much done. In fact a fun day - aren't they all?
Afterpeak Descaling was advanced by John F - a video with airhammer noise is included.
Crane welding - Neil with help from Terry & Kerry cut out a small rectangle from a gusset plate on the for'd stbd clumn. He is all set up to weld in a new graving plate next time. This is the last weld at this this level of scaffolding.
Gear Room  Roof - Richard cut out and fitted two very nice internal Ardex supports for the two aft angled columns. This now leaves on the the four square columns to infill - a straight forward task we think. Then the Ardex torcher can come on board.
The Stbd Boiler Room and Lab Locker door frames had their excess paint removed by Trev of Wairoa. Photos refer. Trev had done these 3 or 4 years ago and last summer Phil from UK had done two of the other fiddley steel doors. This work plus the lock restoration work by Jim and the painting by John F & Terry is getting all the fiddley doors up to easy operation and looking good. Just a careful thin coat of white to complete. The Washroom door frame could be cleaned up as well sometime.
Wash Room Door Step was fitted by Trev, Jack & Kerry. This was an initiative by Trev who remembered we had one stored below in the For'd Coal Bunker.  This needs RIPO and a couple of coats of paint. It has the safety benefit that it avoids people standing on the steering rod which may move when we are at sea later on.
White Structure Painting - started by Brent was advanced by Chris who painted white most of the green repair spots for'd of the crane. This work really improves our look for our World Cup visitors in September.
Wheelhouse continued to get a big improvement by Jim whose work is nearly complete there. He may have one more coat of varish to apply to the stripped and now varnish finish interiors = looking great. We tidied out all the non wheelhouse stuff and altough not quite finished the overall looks great. Jim also investigated the old window drains and hopes to make these good as well. Photos refer. We are starting to get close to attacking the deck head leaks above the wheelhouse
Flags, firewood, lamps were all done by Peter.
Lunch & Teas were by Diana.  We joked that Trev & Terry had come from Wairoa and Australia for her cooking.
The Four New Bilge Pump Plates got another coat of undercoat by Chris.  This is red altho it looks like our Crabapple top coat - two coats to go.  Kerry & I plotted our next steps in the bilge pump area - basically some more derusting, painting of below deck items and some more welding and that clean up of the deckhead above.
Lights & Power in For'd part of ship were not working on our usual circuits. This fooled me, Jack and our other best brains. So morning tea & lunch were cooked by power leads and can do attitude by Diana. Then John A came on board after lunch earlier than expected after his return from Melbourne. Fooled him for a while, then "spot the obvious" - there was a switch turned off in the Main Board labelled Mess Room or For'd accommodation. John found that, turned it on and all was well. Next time we may remember!
Stbd Boiler aft flange faces were cleaned up and a new gasket made by Ross.  We could not find the bronze bolts that had been carefully stored somewhere during disassembly possibly David. As I left the ship I noted some new plated bolts had been placed by the flange for the assembly team next week. 
That Lead.  I bought a new heavy duty power lead last week.  The call came down from the Gear Room Roof "It doesn't fit!" So took it back today, turns out it is for a heavy duty construction power supply. Didn't know such things existed. I swapped it for 2 other still heavy duty leads. We are gradually learning. 
On Thursday I met with surveyor Terry & Bill Pitt and we had a good session sorting principles of electrics and Bill is now hoping to put together aset of guidelines for our electrical team to follow.  Mike is due back from Australia on Sat and hopes to get involved again with our electrical upgrade.
On Frid I met with Seaview Engineering who will rebuild our gangway for us. They were to collect today but other urgent work has dropped us back to next week. So Sat 27/8 may see a new gangway in place and at last the end of our very vocal "pet whale". It will be safe for our visitors as well. 
Next Sat we may have extra car access issues - as below from the Council Events people:

"Kia ora


One event to be aware of in the next couple of weeks:


Athletics NZ 0 2011 New Zealand Race Championships

Frank Kitts Park, Te Papa Promenade, Cable St and Jervois Quay

Saturday 20 August

9am-2pm (lane closure and parking restriction 8.30am-1pm)

300 elite runners and competitive walkers will be competing in races up to 10km around a 2km waterfront course. There will be a single lane closure (left southbound land onJervois Quay/Cable St from Frank Kitts Park to Taranaki Street Wharf entrance).


Public access to the waterfront will not be restricted but some sections of the waterfront will be coned off.

Next Sat  

Below Decks
  1. Connect stbd boiler pipe
  2. Complete assembly Stbd Boiler
  3. Make scribing device for rudder post support plates
  4. Clean up and paint the two rudder box gland holders
  5. Tidy & paint concrete covings.
  6. Clean & paint bilge pump area 
  7. Silvering of hot pipes
  8. Painting of steelwork in engine & boiler rooms 
  9. Wheel house varnishing
Above Decks - weather permitting of course
  1. Complete welding of last crane thin spot
  2. Complete painting of crane 
  3. Complete fitting Ardex supports
  4. Advance aft deck gratings and steelwork
  5. White deck structure painting
  6. Steering rods painting

Hope you all survive the ice & snow this week.  Sat may be fine


See y Sat