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26 July 2011

Sunday - John A, Jim & Sarah showed 8 keen people from the Mazda MX5 Car Club over the ship. This was highly successful with much enthusiasm - photo refers.  

Wed I managed 90minutes on descaling of aft stbd deck =about 2sqm plus a first coat of epoxy.  All to the good. 

Sat - what a wet one!  A southerly with rain. Below 8degrees in most places except for the very cosy Mess Room, thanks to Jack's wood burner and Peter's topping up the wood supply - temperature measurement using the Kevin Jones technique of "if you can see your breath it is below 8degrees". Funnily enough in the After Peak we could not see our breaths, this area is probably more close to to the sea and a smaller space.  Despite the weather challenges we had 14 keen hardy types. 

Photos by Kevin, with sometimes cheeky captions by me.  A bit o fun!

Boilers - John, David, Ross & Kerry progressed these along. All gaskets were cut, all valves were fitted, the doors below the stbd boiler fitted and the potential problem of extracting  jammed boiler tube temporary fix rod was dealt to. An interesting comparo of John under boiler squeezed in to an awkward space and Joy looking elegant and in control in the Mess Room.  I could not restrain myself when I saw Kerry asking the Boiler "Is anyone there?' The photograph can be a cruel thing.

Port Rudder Box Top - this next step on the critical path of steering gear reinstatement was attacked first by Kevin & I to clean up the old plate and gland carrier so that we could see what we had to do. We were joined by Jack who got stuck in with a grinder and can do attitude and quite quickly removed the fasteners. This allowed the plate to drop down and cleared the carrier for further clean up. The old plate still has the remains of the hard to remove fasteners. Not sure yet what the next step is with this. We could persevere with removing the old fasteners. This would leave four holes to be wleded up plus whatever damge we do to the plate. We could gas axe the old plate in half to allow remove to a workshop bench where it could have fasteners removed, welded, then ground smooth.  Fitting location would be determined by its mounting on the carrier above. Another option is to get a new plate made using thold halves as a template in the same way as the stbd box top. Having now written this out I lean toward removing the old plate then fixing it.  I'll seek input from our Tek advisers Nick & Bruce

"Headache Balls" - those crane weight steel castings. While Kevin & I were focussed on our clean up task Jack & Chris appeared and started to figure our how to prise loose the "head ache ball" that was still corroded to the hull in the After Peak. A bar was applied, then a 1.5 tonne puller = no good. I was concerned that we did know how good the hull was underneath so did not want to apply too much brute force. So Jack got diverted to the Rudder Box.  Chris in the meantime carried on thinking things through. He vacuumed away some of the dust and debris around the ball so he could see what the hull looked like. Then he got a small bar underneath and applied small leverage and the corrosion "weld" broke free and th ball was loose. Photo shows Chris testing his strength. Yes - you did lift it by yourself Chris!  Probably the equivalent of three sheep.  We had told him not too of course! Three of us then lifted the ball out and into place on top of the keel.  We were all feeling pleased with ourselves until Jack said "there is another lot under the planking over there". And so there is.  Their presence is a mystery.  I must ask Bruce if they have any ballast function. They must weigh a couple of tonne. If truly of no functional use to us it would be good to see them utilised for some functional or display use rather than just scrap.

Electrics - electrical engineer Bill Pitt came on board and inspected various aspects of our electrics.  He advises he now has only one major thing to understand then we will talk our surveyor Terry who is due back from overseas in early August.  Bill's electrical engineering knowledge and experience wills ee us through this planning phase I believe. So all good.

Water Tanks & Flags & Wood - Peter was the hero of these three important jobs. The flags were flown, and dried out at end of the day; the Mess Room water tanks were filled by Peter working alone on what is usually a two man job getting himself quite wet through in the process, he dried himslef out before going home as well; the third job of keeping the wood stove was done despite the continous wind driven rain = and we all kept warm in the Mess Room which proves to be a pretty good drying room as well. Thanks Peter & Jack

Lunch & Teas were by Joy with help from Diana and Jaz's cousin Louise.

Tender Cover - talking of Louise, she & Jaz greatly advanced the making of the Tender cover.  It is all cut out, and now partially sewn up on our grand old Singer Sewing machine.  Photos show two views of Team Jaz N Louise in action on the deck of the stbd Hold.

Silvering and polishing - silvering of hotpipes was advanced by Diana who was working well at this, not doing calisthenics!  Diana was assisted in this by Louise who also held ladders on awkward floor surfaces and then got involved in polishing brass and copper.  Please come back again Louise

Wheelhouse panels - two of the for'd middle panels were stripped by Jim.  This work will lift up the interior and complement the restoration done about 2007 by John F. Now if we can fix that leak!!!! That is a big task though, needing Chippie Bros on a fine day or three.

Lamps - Jim put some Citronella in the cargo lamp and it works fine. So a Lamp WOF can be issued on that one. We have the ambition of testing all lamps and noting their fitness for use.  We will then know we have a real, even though outdated, back up to our electric lamps, and we can say so to our visitors. 

A Fall Hazard in Hold was noted by Jim last Sunday and fixed by Jim onSaturday. A lady visitor almost went down through a deck plank that had not  been properly secured after bilge work. It is so easy for this sort of stuff to happen!

Deck Plates around Bilge Pump were procured from Steel & Tube at a good discount and loaded into the area by David , Kerry & I about 9-00am.  Neil then got stuck into making these to correct size, Kerry continued this after Neil had to go.  Ths resizing task must be about done and presumably will now lead to fitting and the support brackets being welded into place. Then the plates lifted and sharp edges removed, lifting holes drilled, painted with RIPO and undercoat and a Crabapple top coat.  THEN waterblasting of deck head,bulkheads and bilges, painting of bilges and bilge pump then final laying of the plates. This will be an area we can be proud after being transformed from one of the worst areas in the ship.

Bosun's Bench - transformation of this is well under way by Jack who keeps adding tidy and better use racking, pegs for elctric leads, racks for hammers, a smooth surface for dismantling of things so that small screws are not lost below.  Jack - a reminder we have tin plate below in the Generator room that would make a good work shop bench top.  John perhaps a thought as well for the Main work bench in Boiler Room.

No Guided Tour - a tad wet!  Atho there were walkers and runners out there

No Lab - Jack F is in UK and we hijacked Jaz to do covers.

Next Wed is a MAANZ talk at Museum at 7-30pm "Did Abel Tasman Land In NZ?" - Flyer is attached.  This should be good.

Next Sat

Below Decks

1.             Complete Boiler Assembly for hot survey following week

2.             Progress that Port Top plate on Port Rudder Box.

3.             Place the concrete in the rudder boxes - a non northerly day is best. rain does not matter.

4.             Check & paint the new decking for the bilge pump area, and complete welding of bracketry

5.             Silvering of hot pipes

6.             Painting of steelwork in engine & boiler rooms 

7.             Wheel house varnishing


Above Decks - weather permitting of course

1.             Complete weatherproofing of the new welds on crane

2.             Advance painting of crane

3.             Complete fitted plate work on roof and make up supports for Ardex

4.             Advance aft deck gratings and steelwork

5.             White deck structure painting

6.         Steering rods painting