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23 July 2011

On a fine Saturday morning, a small troupe of girl dancers are planning to visit and perform a 30 minute gig on the foredeck of the ship, probably in the late morning or early afternoon. Their leader, Sarah Courtenay, is an architectural student and is recording and testing various unlikely places around Wellington where dance routines could be performed. The Hikitia will be their first effort. They are a regular dance group of between 5-8 girls, and do perform in normal places. The performance should not interrupt normal goings-on too much. We see it as a way to give back to the community that has helped us so well. They will need power to run a music player. They are going to try to talk up a crowd to watch from the wharf, and will also try to bring some of their own crowd as well. It should be fun!

Sunday 24th July
Have the steel plate for the bilge pump decking, the mortar for the rudder box coving, more red and green paint, and much more.
There will likely be no roof progress as Richard cannot be with us. Everything else should progress well.

Below Decks

  1. Advance Boiler Survey completion
  2. Clean up the underside of the port rudder box to allow the Tek Team to get the top plates fitted
  3. Place the concrete in the rudder boxes
  4. Check and paint the new decking for the bilge pump area, and complete welding of bracketry
  5. Silvering of hot pipes
  6. Painting of steelwork in engine and boiler rooms
  7. Wheel house varninshing

Above Decks (weather permitting)

  1. Complete weatherproofing of the new welds on the crane
  2. Advance painting of crane
  3. Complete fitted plate work on roof and make up supports for Ardrex
  4. Advance aft deck gratings and steelwork
  5. Painting of white deck structure
  6. Painting of steering rods